Class Measures Ltd is a holding company (umbrella) for Coding and Chess Unite, also called Code Club 254 and Edustore Enterprises.
Code Club 254 looks to partner with schools and learning institutions to offer ‘After school programs’ to kids with maker ideas and are curious to learn new skills in the 21st century which include but are not limited to problem solving, creativity, computational thinking, collaboration and resilience. These learning skills are offered to people of all ages and abilities. This is achieved by learning to practise strategy and precision with Chess, Coding, hands-on making with Pi-top and Robotics.
We offer monthly memberships and host one day workshops, Boot camps and also host events focused on maker culture and education.
When school is out, Code Club 254 offers weekly Coding and Chess bootcamps to engage kids and teens in a fun and creative manner. We have holiday programs at multiple locations in Nairobi, Kenya to expand on projects, build more things with new friends and have more opportunities for back to back learning and fun.
We have four different themes which you can choose from;
Physical computing
Gamified learning (video game programming)
We offer a special deal for those signing up for more than two themes.
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